Are vaping investments a risk?

There are precious few options for investors looking to dabble in vapor stocks. Though this is a burgeoning industry, it still lacks mainstream understanding and acceptance, and is likely viewed as a risk by most analysts.

But the larger problem lies in how Big Tobacco continues to leave its tar-stained fingerprints on vaping – both with their own products, and by purchasing upstarts looking to carve a niche of their own.

It’s no coincidence that the primary focus of this piece was tobacco companies, which have – save for a few products – done little to move vaping forward. Because they have the size, regulatory experience, and buying power, smaller vape companies rarely get the chance to compete in this space.

So, despite a current lack of impact in the publicly traded arena, we stand firmly behind the few vape companies who have ventured into the stock market. We applaud them for having the courage to take this industry forward, however incremental these steps may be.

We fully expect to pay attention as they continue to grow a lineup of vape-related brands, and move the needle away from tobacco company pockets.

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