Goodbye, demon nicotine!

Vaping is vaping, whether you’re doing it with or without nicotine. In fact, one of the most important things about vaping has always been the vaper’s ability to precisely control their nicotine. If you’re smoking cigarettes, the only way to reduce the nicotine is to smoke less.

But because you can get e-liquid in every nicotine level, you can vape just a little and get a big dose of nic, or vape a lot with no nicotine at all — and everything in between. For some vapers, they’re happy using a lot of nicotine, like they did with smoking. For others, reducing nicotine is important.

When I started vaping in 2012, I had the idea almost immediately of reducing my nicotine intake and just enjoying the flavor. What could be better, I thought after 38 years of Camels, than to kick back with a relaxing nicotine free vape while being free of the chains of addiction. Goodbye, demon nicotine!

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