Is Vaping Bad for Your Lungs?

Traditional Cigarette causes well-known harm to the lungs. Long-term inhalation of burning tobacco can lead to lung and esophageal cancer, and to a variety of deadly lung conditions like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Traditional Cigarette attacks the lungs in several ways. It contains thousands of chemicals, more than 70 of which are known carcinogens. It also contains particulate matter — fine bits of burned tobacco — that are deposited deep in the lungs, where they can be buried in the tissue. Vaping doesn’t produce known carcinogens in quantities large enough to be considered real risks, and it doesn’t contain solid particles like smoke.

Additionally, inhaled smoke causes structural and operational damage inside the lungs. The toxic combustion material affects the parts of the lungs, like the cilia and bronchioles, and can lead to reduced function. And a smoker’s lungs begin to produce more mucous, which doesn’t clear properly anymore. That’s what causes emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

While popcorn lung is a frightening condition, there has never been a diagnosed case in a vaper.
E cigarette vapor isn’t smoke. There is no current evidence that inhaling a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine causes any kind of long-term damage. However, there may be risks in inhaling some flavorings. There are flavoring agents found in some e-liquid that have been linked to a condition known as bronchiolitis obliterans, or popcorn lung. These chemicals — diacetyl and acetyl propionyl — are probably responsible for cases of popcorn lung at some flavoring factories, where workers inhaled large quantities of the substances in powdered form.

While popcorn lung is a frightening condition, there has never been a diagnosed case in a vaper. Further, vape smoke contains much more of these chemicals that vape vapor, yet there have been no known cases of smokers contracting bronchiolitis obliterans either.

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