Is vaping bad for your heart and circulatory system?

Smoking wreaks havoc on the cardiovascular system. It causes the linings of the arteries to build up a waxy substance called plaque, which eventually hardens and causes atherosclerosis, a permanent hardening of the arteries. That can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Carbon monoxide in smoke reduces the blood’s ability to absorb oxygen, which forces the heart to beat harder to supply the organs. The organs themselves, including the heart, can be damaged by poor circulation. Smoke also makes blood more likely to clot, which increases the risk of negative cardiovascular events.

Cigarettes cause the premature death of about half of regular smokers.
Aside from nicotine in -cig temporarily increasing heart rate and blood pressure, vaping is unlikely to cause any of the damage that smoking does to the heart and circulatory system. It contains none of the toxic constituents that makes smoke so damaging to the blood vessels and organs. And vapor contains no carbon monoxide.

There may be a risk in using nicotine for people with heart disease. But there is no comparison between the minor risk of nicotine and the massive damage to the heart and its arteries that smoking creates. Vaping e cigarette doesn’t have those risks.

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