Pod system vape

What’s the most popular pods vape these years? Juul and the ones similar models definitely.

Pod systems offer many advantages over other vaping devices. The main ones being convenience and simplicity. They’re easy to use, making them more appealing to ex-smokers who don’t want to be bombarded with technical features.

There are other benefits to pod vaping that even experienced vapers can appreciate. For example, switching flavors is easier than before. Just pop in a different pod and go.

If you want to conserve e-juice, a pod vape is your best bet. They use less e-liquid in a day, which is more cost effective and harm reducing. Additional benefits include their simple style draw, not having to build coils and the other maintenance required for other vapes.

If you want to conserve CBD,also can use a pod vape. There’re different pod vape models for CBD, THC.Like Brick, SC420 and Alva.  Also the J pod 0.4ml which is compatible with Juul device.

That’s it. Enjoy your vape. 


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