The Development of e Cigarette

E cigarette is an electronic product that imitates cigarettes. It has the same appearance, taste and feel as traditional cigarettes.With the development of science and technology, it has been carried out several times.

Generation of e cig design from the appearance is completely imitate the shape of the traditional cigarette.Its smoke bombs is yellow, smoke body is white.Because its appearance is similar to the real smoke, it was accepted by customers easily.However,in the process of using the first generation of e cigarette, people found many shortcomings, mainly in the atomizer.The first generation of electronic smoke atomizer is easy to blow.

The second generation of e cigarette is the most important feature of the atomizer has been improved.The atomizer comes with a protective cover.The most significant feature of the second generation of vape pen is the smoke bomb and atomizer were merged.

The third generation of e-cigarette s is a one-time atomizer smoke bomb. It solved the previous problem, the quality has greatly improved, and the appearance and raw materials have been replaced.

With the progress of science and technology, the quality of e cigarettes will be greatly improved. Let us look forward to the future!

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