The Difference between E-Cigarette and Traditional Cigarette

Now more and more electronic e-cigarettes are welcomed by smokers.Compared with traditional cigarettes, it have the following advantages:

First, traditional tobacco burning temperature reach to 800 ~ 1000 degrees.Traditional cigarettes at high temperatures will produce a lot of decomposition of substances, up to more than 4000 species, of which nearly half we do not know what material.But the atomization temperature of the electronic vaporizer is up 170 to 200 degrees.We can clearly understand the material composition of electronic cigarette.It is composed of glycerol, water, plant extracts and other ingredients that no harmful substances.

Second, Nicotine in traditional cigarettes makes people dependent.The World Health Organization report proposes that  reducing the intake of nicotine gradually to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation.Electronic cigarette is very easy to achieve the control of the nicotine content, because the material of smoke oil content is controllable.E cigarette can overcome the dependence on cigarettes in the physical and psychological and help people quit smoking.

Third, The reaction mechanism of electronic cigarettes is different from traditional cigarette’s. Traditional cigarettes produce vapor which belongs to the nature of solid particles.But the smoke generated by electronic cigarettes is water vapor, whose particle size is small.Large particles may block the lungs, causing a great impact.

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