The Proportion of Teenagers Using Vape Pens in the United States is Declining

For the first time in history, the proportion of teenagers using e cigs has declined.

An annual survey reported statistics on the proportion of US junior high and high school students using e pen the proportion of Trying to use and continue to use was significantly lower than in 2015. 

In 2016, 26.6% of the students had tried vape pen but last year’s data were 29.9%.

The use of electronic cigarettes in adolescents has declined and has declined in every grade, which is the first time ever.The proportion of the use of hookah has also declined.

The decline in the use of e cigs is not due to the increase in the use of cigarettes, in fact, the current use of cigarettes is the lowest since 42 years.

The statistics for the United States 17,643 different schools of different grades of students.

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