The Vape truth is out there

The CDC has finally acknowledged the popularity of vaping,” Dr. Brad Rodu told the Winston-Salem Journal. Dr. Rodu is a professor of medicine at the University of Louisville, and a well-known proponent of tobacco harm reduction, the substitution of less-risky products like e-cigs and smokeless tobacco for cigarettes.

This study documents that vaping is American smokers’ most popular quit-smoking aid, despite a broad misinformation campaign labeling e-cigarettes as neither safe nor effective.”

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association (AVA), told the Journal, “A prior CDC study showed that among smokers who had successfully quit in the prior year, nearly one-fourth were current users of e-cigarettes, a finding that cuts against the outdated claim that there is no evidence that vapor products help smokers get off combustible tobacco products.”

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